Thursday, May 28, 2009

Reading Posters Worthy of Mockery: Denzel Washington

He looks so happy!  I've seen many of Denzel's movies, but rarely seen such a nice smile from him.  Could that be the power of the great Dr. Seuss to cause such joy?

Perhaps it's because Denzel has set a record:  First grown man to enjoy reading Dr. Seuss from the comfort of an leather arm chair while wearing a suit and tie.  All that he's missing is a crackling fire and a pipe.  Maybe a glass of wine in one hand too.  Or would that be overkill?  I bet Dr. Seuss's writing would be especially fun for an adult who has had a glass of wine or two.

I'm sure Dr. Seuss would appreciate the gesture of dressing so nicely to read about refusing to eat green food--green food that has no business being green unless you're looking forward to dying from food poisoning.  (I know I would be.  Except I don't eat ham.  Damn, it feels good to be a vegetarian.)

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