Monday, January 5, 2009

REVIEW: Hate That Cat

Creech, S. (2008). Hate That Cat. New York: Joanna Cotler Books.

As a person who loves cats and would choose a little antisocial, clawing beasty over a dog any day, I paused before picking up Hate That Cat. My love for the companion book Love That Dog (2001) helped me to overcome my hesitation. Both books help teach about poetic form, demonstrate how writing and reading can help students and also show how a teacher’s thoughtful comments and guidance can assist a student through difficult situations.  

Through reading Jack’s poems written throughout a school year, Jack struggles with defining poetry—it’s rhythm and line length, and he learns and applies some techniques such as metaphor, alliteration, onomatopoeia. Jack also struggles with learning how to accommodate his deaf mother while trying to move on to love a new pet.

While Hate That Cat deals with the same themes as Love That Dog and includes charming poetry, it still falls short of its predecessor. It’s a little less funny, a little less poignant.

Activities to do with the book:

This is a good book to use while teaching poetry terms since Jack both uses the terms and applies them throughout the book. Having students create illustrations for the poems would be a good way to check comprehension. They could also write their own poems in conversation with Jack, Miss Stretchberry or their teacher.

Favorite Quotes:

“Her arms hold you in
so you won’t fall
and will feel
safe” (p. 79).

“I never knew
a writer could do that—
tell a whole story
poems” (p. 113).

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