Sunday, January 4, 2009

Certified Resolution Writing Endeavor Review Report: Week One--That Saddle Seems High...You Expect me to Do What with My Leg? Back In the Saddle

So, in the hopes of meeting my first goal for my Resolution Writing Endeavor, I actually had to, you know, write.

As the first time doing extensive creative writing work, in oh, months, it was hard.  Painful, all-I-wanted-to-do-was-stop-typing,-get-up-and-walk-away-and-find-something-to-distract-me hard.  I had to constantly fight the compulsion to be distracted by anything or everything.  I wondered how I had committed myself to such a Hell.  Had I actually chosen this?  How much of a failure would I be to not even meet my Resolution Writing Endeavor for the first week?  

Apparently, I won't have to find out.  I made it!  Joy. Am not a complete failure. 

After, I finished the torture that was writing for the first time, I was finally able to feel happy about my progress.  So happy, I just might be willing to go through the process again.  Let's see if I can manage it next week--when the distractions of three classes to take and two classes to teach get in the way.

Cath, what do ya say? Let’s drink some Gin and Vodka from some flasks on N. High and toast the remains of Larrry’s Bar.

Time until the ALA Award Winners Are Announced: 22 Days

1 comment:

  1. They really should have had a closing party for that bar. TRAGIC.

    Congrats on meeting your goal!



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