Sunday, April 8, 2012

REVIEW: Foiled

Yolen, J.  (2010).  Foiled.  New York:  First Second.

160 pages.

Appetizer:  Aliera Carstairs fences.  No that's an understatement.  She is a champion fencer, someone who has fought at Nationals, beaten fencers older and stronger than her.  She knows how to defend herself and her heart.

Yet, she's invisible at school.  Aliera watches as a new boy, Avery Castle, arrives at school, she watches as he holds the attention of every girl.  When they are paired as lab partners, Aliera must struggle to guard her heart.

Sooooo, lots of people talked-up Foiled, describing it as amazing and wonderful.  It could have been all of they hype, but I was left disappointed within the first few pages.  For a graphic novel, I thought Aliera spent waaaaaaaay too much time talking at the reader.  I wanted more focus on the visual and to get lost in the story.  That never happened with Foil.

On top of that, I strongly disliked Avery as a love interest.  Certainly, he's not supposed to be perfect.  But it was something about this panel that made him completely unredeemable in my mind:

Yep, something about object raping a dead animal for his own amusement makes a man unappealing.

*vague spoiler*, when the fantasy elements emerged, my response was essentially, "What the hell?"  I would have been content with metaphors.  There was very little foreshadowing of the magic and the way that it emerges--when Aliera puts on her fencing mask--an act she's done hundreds of times before in the storydidn't work for me as revealing the magical elements of the world.  *end vague spoiler*

This book just didn't work for me.

What are your thoughts?

Dinner Conversation:

Tasty Rating:  !!

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