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Readathon Mini-Challenge: Find a Poem!

Find a Poem!

Based on whatever reading you're currently enjoying, jot down some favorite phrases and words and create a found poem.  You are welcome to change tenses, add or drop words and mix up the order of the words or phrases.

When ready, type your poem into the comments box of this post (or post a link to an outside site if you prefer to share your poem on your blog or in another medium).

Let us know which book or text your found poem originated from.

This challenge will run for two hours (or until the bells chime, signaling the start of hour nine of the Readathon).

A winner (who will receive a $10 giftcard from an online bookstore retailer of his/her choice) will be selected based on content and how the poem sounds.

Humor is always welcome! 

Happy reading and poem finding!

UPDATE:  This mini-challenge has now closed.  The winner of the $10 gift card is Sam.  You can see her found poem here.

Sam, send me an email at s.j.kessel.writes (at) gmail (dot) com and I'll be sure to arrange the book store of your choice sends you your prize.

Thanks to everyone who participated!  It was a lot of fun reading your poems!!!!!  It was very difficult to choose just one winner (but alas, I lack the funds to allow for you all to win a prize).


  1. He practiced the veronicas
    and the medias
    and the medias
    and the veronicas
    He used his sock
    But he didn't want to kill a bull
    He felt upset when he killed a fly.
    but how about those veronicas and the medias?
    (Shadow of a Bull)

  2. Here is a link to my poem.

  3. 'three thousand year old
    linen; tombs with paint so bright
    it still seems fresh now

    a thumbprint in clay
    overlaid by the living
    thumb of a woman

    reaching back to the
    past; opening the tomb of
    knowledge long hidden

    "Tutankhamen: the
    Life and Death of a Boy King" --
    Christine El Mahdy.'

    With some liberal remixing, here's my impression of what I've read of the book mentioned in the last stanza (it fit into a haiku! I couldn't resist) in linked haiku.

  4. Sadness fills the creek
    Tears of rain
    Fall on Terebithia
    The creek runs dry
    As Jess's childhood dries up
    He finds hope in another's.
    (The Bridge to Terebithia)

  5. If one can bear for a moment to think
    of things that are rather subtle.

    It might be unsettling,
    but also jolly intriguing
    to dwell on the outrageously slipshod.

    And in the end...
    all is clear now.

    (Eats, Shoots & Leaves by Lynne Truss)

  6. Ode to the nunga-nungas

    One day you wake to find
    Two new friends
    Actually two of a kind!
    The boys are more friendly
    Your mid back is sore
    And the worst? Boys who just stare! Oh what a bore!

    Im reading Louise Rennisons Knocked out by your nunga- nungas

  7. Friends Rachel and Sarah celebrating a milestone day,
    in the middle of dinner Sarah walks away.
    A note is left "just give me time",
    Rachel is scared thinking this may be a crime.
    Yet Sarah is battling demons unseen,
    and Rachel questions what sort of friend she has been.
    The damage is done, the friendship is broken,
    can healing begin when much is still unspoken?

    Whole Latte Life by Joanne Demaio


    I met an Invalid and fell for his art
    The deadliest of all deadly things.
    It will kill me and I don't care.
    Love: a single word, a wispy thing, a razor edge.
    Amor Deliria Nervosa
    (Delirium by Lauren Oliver)

    Phrases taken pretty much word for word (except one). Thanks for the fun challenge :D

    ~Sam @ Journey Through Pages

  9. He the Dreamer
    He the Guardian
    One Calls
    The other Answers.
    Father gave the world the Dreamer
    Mother gave the Dreamer the Guardian
    The Dreamer raised on lies
    The Guardian wrenched from his fate
    Till the pull drew each other
    To dance in Mother's green womb.

    Aisling Book 1 and 2 by Carole Cummings

  10. Here's mine:

    The words courtesy of Carolyn Turgeon's "Godmother..."

  11. Cars don't just interest me
    For another thing, I am chicken-shit
    I think I've told you and cars are plain scary

    You think of me as..I waited
    Essential, he said
    I laughed because it was unexpected

    Love Walked In by Marisa delos Santos

  12. This was a lot of fun! Thanks! I posted mine on my blog:

  13. Thank you for hosting this delightful challenge! I'm inspired by the creativity.

    I'm not officially read-a-thon-ing today, but I created this found haiku from the book I'm currently reading, SHANGHAI GIRLS, by Lisa See:

    Beautiful Dragon
    Beautiful girl posters
    I am Pearl Dragon

  14. Here's my post!

    Thanks! A great mini challenge!

    Zara Alexis @ The Bibkliotaphe's Closet

  15. War, is not just war
    With love and life at stake,
    Power hanging in the balance,
    War is business

    Fallenwood by Leslie Soule

    Great challenge!

  16. Here's my post:

  17. This poem is made out of sentences from the book Un Lun Dun by China Miéville. I tried to change as little as possible from the original, and I have only dropped one word in the middle of a sentence and adding one in the beginning of another.

    The bird stared at the money
    hurried into the dark interior
    into the forest
    the door closed behind her.

    It was warm,
    a cross between forest and jungle
    a jorest
    a fungle
    This place isn't safe.

    A new chorus of night began.

    To keep money fresh
    the bird fluttered away
    and as it went, it sang.

  18. Her voice, prickling on the edge of stars
    hair the colour of fire
    and a galaxy swirling around her feet

    Superheroes are born in the minds
    of those desperate to be rescued
    from the rain of arrows

    But then she closed her eyes
    and you disappeared
    on the saddest day in the world

    The one when she stops pretending
    she wished it wasn't that simple
    to be redrawn as a monster

    The Tenth Circle - Jodi Picoult

    Also posted on my blog



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