Monday, April 30, 2012

#Challenge: YA Paranormal Romance Review Mad-Lib

Back by popular demand!

Here's another Mad Lib for your enjoyment.  This one is structured roughly as a review of a YA paranormal romance novel.  So, if you pull from one such book your review my eerily make too much sense.

For those of you new to my online Mad Libs, take out a book you're currently reading.  I'm going to make 10 suggestions of where to find names or words from a particular part of speech.  You record your answers and after you have them all, copy and paste the incomplete review at the bottom of the text (no peeking before!) into the comments section and insert your words.  Let me know which book you pulled your comments and names from.  Be sure to also include you email (at) address (dot) com in the post so I can contact you if you win.

To the mad libber with the craziest review, I'll offer a $10 giftcard to the online book retailer of his or her choice.

Let's say the due date to post your response in the comments will be May 15, 2012 at 7 PM Central.

Now, on the the mad libbing!

Find the following in your book of choice:

1.  List the first type of animal, supernatural being or piece of technology mentioned in your book.  Reading a work of historical fiction?  Then use "ye ol' butter churn" as your answer.
2.  An adjective used in one of the quotation blurbs by another author recommending this book on the front or back cover, in the front pages, etc.  If no authors recommended the book, then use the first adjective you encounter as you start reading the story.
3.  protagonist's name.
4. and 5.  Two adjectives found on page 72 of your book (or on the nearest page with adjectives)
6.  Another character's name.
7.  An item of clothing that the first character described in chapter one or two is described to be wearing.
8.  An active verb used on page 37 (or the nearest page with text) of your book.
9.  The final verb used in the last sentence of chapter four.
10.  How much you paid for your book

Have all of your words?


Now copy and paste the following into your comment and fill in the appropriate blanks with the names and words you found.

Hot Hairy Lurve in the Cafeteria (a title of Shel's own invention) is about falling in lurve with a

____(1)____ and this lurve is ____(2)____!!!!!!!!

I thought ___(3)____ was a ____(4)____ and ____(5)____ character.

As for the main love-interest, ____(6)____, (s)he made my ____(7)____ ____(8)____.

Overall, I would ____(9)____ Hot Hairy Lurve in the Cafeteria to anyone who has ____(10)____ to give me.

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