Saturday, April 9, 2011

Readathon: Monica's First Update

Good morning fearless readers! And welcome to the first Readathon of the year! :)

I'm super pumped for today, and I know that Shel is too. My birds, unfortunately, seem less than thrilled -- they've been shrieking since eight this morning and show no signs of stopping... I may need to send them on a field trip outside if I'm going to get any actual reading done.....

Anyway! On my TBR pile today I've got two books by Barbara Newhall Follett (The House Without Windows and The Voyage of the Norman D), Inside Out by Maria Snyder, and A Conspiracy of Kings by my she-just-doesn't-know-it-yet-BFF Meghan Whalen Turner, of whom the ground upon which she walks I worship. Heartsies.

I'm also proofreading today, which I figure counts as reading, albeit tedious and not all that fun reading, so that'll be helping me break up the day as well.

How about you, friends? What are your plans for the day?

Happy Reading!

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