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REVIEW: Hell Week (Book Two of the Maggie Quinn: Girl Vs. Evil series)

Clement-Moore, R.  (2008).  Hell Week.  New York:  Delacorte Press.

327 pages.

Appetizer:  Maggie Quinn is back.  After surviving prom and the rest of her senior year of high school, she is now a freshman at the local college and trying to find a way to get her articles in the local and college papers.

Maggie is also uncertain of what's going on between her and Justin.  He went off on an internship to Ireland for the summer and apparently he's been back in the country for a week, but hasn't called her.  (WTF, Justin?!  If I didn't already think you were way too old for Maggie I might be upset.)

Maggie has her eye on doing an expose on the college's sororities.  As she goes undercover, she has to face the reality that she may be in over her head, especially when one of the sororities seems to have some supernatural tendencies.  Looks like Maggie may have to take on evil once again.

As with the first book--Prom Dates from Hell--I'm left feeling pretty lukewarm toward this series.  Maggie has a lot of great sarcastic lines that I love, but a lot of the story itself feels as though it is a mushed together hybrid of Veronica Mars and Buffy.  (Specifically a mash-up between the Buffy episode Reptile Boy and the Veronica Mars episode My Big Fat Greek Rush Week.)

Plus, there were a lot of names in this books.  And almost all of them belonged to sorority girls.  I could not keep the characters straight.  And the narration didn't always give me little clues to remind me of who was who.  Kaylee, Tara, Alexa, Devon, Victoria, Kirby, Juliana, Holly, Jenna, Brittany, Ashley!  AAAAAH!  So many cute sorority-girl names.  (And while I'll admit, I'm horrible with names in real life, usually I can hold my own in literature.)

Also, this time around, the tension and danger took a very long time to emerge...and there wasn't really a wonderful monster to describe, like in the first book.  So, again, I felt lukewarm.

On the plus side, I now feel like I have a better understanding of the Greek system.

I will plan to read the third book, Highway to Hell at some point.  For the time being I have to look at some other books that may have a place in my dissertation.

Dinner Conversation:

"Bright teeth flashed; I fought the instinct to recoil.  Perfectly white, perfectly even, possibly once human.  Coral pink lips pulled back all the way to the gums, giving the smile an unfortunate equine quality.  "Soooo...?" The owner of the teeth and lips drew out the word and flipped it up at the end in a question.  "What's your major?"
"English."  An untruth.  I don't tell them, as a rule, but I'd been asked this question five times in the last hour, and the lie rolled off my tongue now with ease" (p. 1).

"'You're not really going through with this, are you?'
I glared..."I don't know what you're talking about."
"Oh, come on."
..."I'm working on something."
"In a sorority."  Not a question.  Just incredulous.
"Don't think I can pull it off?" I asked, slinging my satchel over my shoulder.
"I know you can.  That's what worries me." He tapped the page.  "It says right here:  'Resistance is futile.'  These things--historically, sociologically--they suck people in."
"It's a sorority, not a cult, Justin.  I'll be fine."
I swung out the door, already regretting the words.  When would I learn not to tempt fate?" (p. 87-88).

""Have you considered that there may be some greater power at work here?  You joke about Faustian bargains, but maybe that's not a coincidental analogy."
"Sorority girls from Hell?  Isn't that like saying French people from France?"
"I'm serious, Maggie."  (p. 171)

Tasty Rating:  !!!

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