Saturday, October 9, 2010

#Readathon Challenge--Poetry Angst! (11 PM-2 AM)

Welcome Readathon participants!

As the readathon approaches those difficult, dark hours of darkness and night, we'd like to challenge you to think about how you feel about all the reading you've done and all the lack of sleep you've had (and are still not going to get), all that time you've spent sitting on your poor backside and turn aaaaaaall those thoughts and emotions into a poem.

Write a haiku about that perfect seat that is comfy, but not so comfy that you fall asleep.

Write a love sonnet about how you miss your bed or an ode to your favorite author, who has gotten you through most of the day.

Write a dirty limerick about...something readathon-ish.

Whatever you prefer!

Here's the poem I would enter:

An Ode to Coffee

Coffee!  Coffee!  Coffeeeeeeeee!
You taste so good.
You keep my eyes scanning the page,
but you make my brain too jittery,
to understand the words.
Coffee!  Coffee!  Coffeeeeeeeee!

You certainly don't have to rhyme or use any specific poetic form.  Just take a few minutes to write a poem about your readathon experience and post it in the comments of this site (or post a link to your own blog where Monica and I can find your poem, if you prefer).

One super-awesome-cool participant will be chosen at random to receive a $10 gift card to Barnes and Noble.

And by "random" I mean, I'll read all of the entries and try to pick the one that amuses me the most or that feels like an authentic readathon experience that any of us could relate to.  But since I have the problem of my brain being jittery due to all the coffee, the selection process will wind up being pretty random.  Yay, random!

So, enter a poetic state of mind and...WRITE!


  1. Just ate a brownie
    There are crumbs on the pages
    Delicious reading

  2. We must be crazy
    I know I get those looks...
    Staying up all hours,
    Just to read books??

    But oh what a journey
    Nested in the pages
    Just let your mind wander
    Be youthful through the ages

    The power to transform
    Ordinary to great
    Fantasy worlds like no other
    Questioning our fate

  3. Also posted at my blog. :D

    ‘for one more day’ it is another reading challenge day!
    having fun reading throughout the day
    with challenges along the way
    now with the late hours of the day approaching
    my eyes are needing a bit of coaching
    i want to try to finish my goal
    to reach the end of another reading challenge day!

  4. I posted it on my blog...

  5. A read-a-thon Haiku:

    Oh beloved couch
    Soft and warm and welcoming.
    Why won't my son share!!

  6. My brain is sighing,
    My eyes are crying,
    My arms are shaking,
    My wrists are aching,
    My vision is blurring,
    My speech is slurring,
    My resolve is lagging,
    My attention is flagging,
    My body is drooping,
    But I am regrouping!
    Don't want to mislead --
    I do love to read!
    More hours I'll spend,
    I'll get to the end.
    And then, quite brain-dead...
    I'll fall into bed!

  7. My cat is meowing at me,
    He's so cute and fuzzy.
    But if I am going to stay up for the full 24,
    He's going to have to stop or I'll shut in his face...the door.

  8. Too tired to think,
    my brain has turned pink,

    My eyes are red
    and want to go to bed,

    My books keep calling my name
    so instead of sleeping in shame,

    I blink, try to think,
    and sit up so I don't sink.

    I continue reading.

  9. Posted my poem here, a haiku. Copy/pasted:

    "In three hours the sun
    will rise; wakeful I'll meet it,
    a book in my hand."

    (But a B&N card would do me no good, being a Brit.)

  10. These droopy eyes will not win the fight.
    These pages must be read.
    I turn to caffeine to help me fight off,
    the world between wake and sleep I tread.

  11. I wrote a haiku. It's posted on my blog, and here it is too:

    Clock ticks past bedtime
    Giggles hide between the lines
    Midnight, I read on

  12. I turn the pages
    So quick
    So fast
    A book of wonder
    A book of magic
    Devouring words
    Nibbling ideas
    Worlds to be found
    People discovered
    Book ends
    Covers close
    I reach for another


  13. Five stories up
    Two books down
    dragonflies attack the balcony

    Pages read
    Treats consumed
    statistics don't tell the whole story

    Sunny day
    Gentle breeze
    Ready for tales of pirate glory

  14. Here's my poem:

    Thanks for encouraging me to wax poetic at this hour!

  15. this was so fun, i got started and couldn't stop... i wrote 3! this is my favorite though, but i think i will put them all up on my blog, if only for my own amusement. =D

    Short books,
    Was all it took,
    To keep me happy,
    Without a Nook,
    And I didn’t have to cook,
    During the Readathon!

    rest are here if anyone is bored and want a laugh ;)

  16. Here's mine:

  17. Eyes - itching
    Cat - scratching
    Letters - switching
    Attention - latching
    Story - catching
    Experience - enriching.

  18. What fun! Thanks for hosting.

  19. There once was a girl in the library
    Who was known with books to tarry
    She read like a snail
    While others inhaled
    It's a read-a-thon shame she must carry

  20. Haiku:

    Love this read-a-thon
    Didn't read all that I planned
    But made some new friends

  21. Read, read, read
    Oh our love for books
    Oh my back might cracks
    Coffee, coffee, coffee
    Sounds a good drink for me!

    elladsm2002 at yahoo dot com

  22. Will said

    Reading day and night
    Using whatever available light
    Before i lose my sight,forever.



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