Thursday, September 16, 2010

Positive Pranking

Okay, so I know most of my readers are old fuddie-duddies (meaning, most of you seem to be in your mid-twenties with "real people" jobs) and probably won't do this...but, here goes.

I challenge challenge me.

Few But Dear Readers, several YA and children's authors and other super-cool peeps are on a mission to improve the world (AKA decrease world suck, if you speak nerdfighterian).

Picturebook author Amy Krouse Rosenthal has introduced the idea of positive pranking (you can read more about it here):

I absolutely love this idea of using our devious and prank-oriented minds for good.

I also happen to love many of Amy's books.  She writes with great humor and really seems to understand the interests of her young readers.

You can find a review I've done of one of her books here.  I haven't gotten around to reviewing many of her other books, mostly because they stay in my office to show my students:

Always willing to take a trip on a train Made of Awesome, YA author John Green has contributed his own video to the cause:

Fun, right?  Doesn't it just make you want to leave candy at strangers' doors?  At the very least, it looks like it would be decent exercise.

If you want to find out more about John, here are a few reviews of his books:  Here and here.

And for those of you who are visually oriented, here are some of his book covers:

I cannot recommend reading his book and following his videos often enough.  They are made of awesome.

But I want to get back to that thing, that one thing.  The thing when I challenged you to challenge me.  You remember that moment, right, Few But Dear Readers?  It wasn't long ago.  Just scroll up a little.

And so I want to open it up to you, Few But Dear Readers.  If you make a suggestion for me to do a positive prank (emphasis on the positive.  And also emphasis on being safe, falling within my grad student budget and keeping in mind that I have a dissertation to write (who could forget Dudley?)), I will do your suggested positive prank and keep a record to share online.

Now, you all have a history of keeping quiet, Few But Dear Readers.  So it would be a pretty safe bet that none of you will comment and that I can go one my lazy way without actually having to positive prank anyone.  But just in case you aren't feeling lazy and would like to come up with a positive prank, I would be happy to do it.

There is no due date for when you have to suggest your challenge, but I reserve the right to take my sweet time in completing it (I also reserve the right to veto any suggestions that seem too difficult, too costly or that don't seem positive enough, etc.).

Just let me know.

I am ready to be challenged.

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