Friday, April 16, 2010

Operation Teen Book Drop

Guys, how come none of you told me about this?  Were you conspiring to keep it a secret?  I would have loved to have been a part of this mission of super-awesomeness.

Even if it would have meant parting with one or several of my beloved books so that a teen might have had a chance at finding a book that interested them.

And now it looks like I'm going to have to wait a whole year for the next one.

I'm not that patient.

(I suppose I could always just start leaving random selections from my library around campus...but knowing my luck, I'd be accused of littering.  I can already picture the one proactive student chasing me down, yelling, "Miss, Miss, you dropped your book."  That or I'd forget that I decided to give a book away and then would do a mad search of my office trying to find a book that is no longer there--It has happened before!)

In case you are still wondering what I'm rambling about, Operation Teen Book Drop is essentially a drive that works in two ways:

1.  There's a wishlist of books that individuals can donate to to help improve the libraries of specific schools.

2.  There are individuals (authors/bloggers/librarians/cool peeps) who leave YA books around their towns in places where they think young adults may happen upon them.  The teens that find the books can make the books their own, if they so choose.

Here's the video that outlines the book drop for this year:

I would have loved to leave books hidden on campus.  Some twitterers and authors were even providing clues of how to find the books they had dropped.

So much fun!

I had to share about it.

In fact, I've also developed a short powerpoint presentation of some of the photos participants took to show my students.  Prepare to be rambled at, kiddie lit readers.  For I am an excited rambler!

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