Monday, March 1, 2010

Just Checking In

Hello All (or rather, Hello Few),

Not too much going on over here.

And by "not too much," I mean that I live with two crazy cats. Who despite having two litter boxes available at all times insist upon doing the majority of the smaller of the two boxes. Then one of the cats enjoys rolling in the litter and then begging for attention, tempting me to pet and kiss her only to be left with the scent and taste of cat litter on my skin and in my mouth. Disgusting. But the cat seems to think it's perfume.

By "not too much," I also mean I'm taking an evil class (quite possibly my last class EVER) and it's proving to be a HUGE distraction. I spend most of my days working on doing the class's ridiculous number of assignment or avoiding the class's ridiculous number of assignment.

And so, you, my dear blog and blog readers, have gone ignored. And will most likely continue to be ignored for the next several weeks.

Do you mind terribly?

Would it help if I told you that at least one of my distractions from evil class is to work on my newest story? It makes me happy. And blog and one-and-only-blog-reader, if you're not happy that I'm happy than we shall have a problem. Do you want to have a problem? I didn't think so.

But if it makes you feel any better, you're not the only one being ignored. That pesky, silly, short analytical paper, otherwise known as my dissertation, is also being ignored. And my friends, Dissertation does not like to be shoved into the corner. Dissertation is a bit of a pill when it feels ignored. Do you think there's something we can do to make Dissertation nicer?

I've rambled on about me long enough. How are you blog? Blog reader? Internets?


  1. I know I'm not your only reader! And I also know about life taking over and blogs being left basking in the sun (or snow depending on where you are) :-) I hope you can make some progress on your dissertation (and enjoy working on it!)

  2. Thanks for the kind words!

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