Saturday, February 27, 2010

Literary Feast Discussion: Al Capone Does My Shirts (pp. 60-122)

Hey all! We're back with the next section of Al Capone Does My Shirts -- pages 60 to 122, to be precise. Ready for it? Onward!

SHEL: It's really frustrating to read about all the advice Moose's family has received about helping Natalie. Part of it's frustrating because Autism is still such a mystery and so you know there's no perfect way to help Natalie within the time period.

Monica: It’s completely heartbreaking. And Moose knows that his mom is just grasping at straws, but there’s nothing any of them can do! (I did want to smack that guy – what, they’ve got a system set up for *boys* but not for *girls*? Way to be useless, school director. Way to be useless.

SHEL: Have I mentioned that I hate that Piper girl? HATES!

Monica: Are you sure she’s not a tragic figure? I mean, I loathe her too, but it’s also tempered with the fact that her father seems like a creep, and she’s grown up with the whole Warden’s Daughter idea hanging over her head, and… I’m supposed to hate her, aren’t I? I’m just reading too much into it, trying to understand her? Right. Forget everything I just said, we’ll go with HATES.

SHEL: I'm glad you're back on my side. WE MUST HATE PIPER AS A UNITED FRONT! But, I like your empathetic effort. And oh my goodness, this section was overall frustrating! Poor Moose! It's okay, I know you’re innocent! I think you will play ball again!

Monica: Seriously. Because otherwise, this is one heck of a depressing book, and I will feel fairly upset with the author that she didn’t give me enough advanced warning. I like tissues with my tragedies, thank you very much!

SHEL: Is anyone else fighting the urge to watch The Rock right now? Or am I alone in this?

Monica: Giiiiirl, we’re definitely having a movie night. I am 100% picturing Nicholas Cage racing around through the underbelly of the island. Of course, Piper would tattle on him if she found out.

SHEL: Yeah, but Sean Connery would take care of her in a minute flat. Crudsies, I gotz to watch that movie.

Monica: You get the DVD, I’ll get the supreme butter-flavored popcorn!

SHEL: It shall be done!

Well that's it for now, friends! Next up is Part Two -- we'll have our update for the next sixty pages or so on Wednesday. Hope to see you there!

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