Sunday, January 17, 2010

REVIEW: The Sleepy Little Alphabet

The Sleepy Little Alphabet: A Bedtime Story from Alphabet TownSierra, J.  (2009).  The Sleepy Little Alphabet.  New York:  Alfred A. Knopf.


Appetizer:  When it comes time to sleep in Alphabet Town, is seems many of the little letters aren't quite ready for bed.

Making use of some alliteration and the occasional rhyme, The Sleepy Little Alphabet shares the alphabet in order, usually (but not always!) reinforcing the sound of each letter with an adjective or verb that incorporates that letter.

The text also makes specific use of a parent being the one to put the wee little letters to bed.  So, another teacher-type (babysitter, grandparent, what have you) may want to pause and ad-lib a little to make space for themselves and the child in the story.

I thought the illustrations were so-so.  They were child-like and often humorous, but I thought it would have been nice that if as the text slowly calms toward the end the pictures did as well.  Or at least used more muted colors.  But, because the illustrations were still so bright, I think kids might miss out on the relaxing get-ready-to-sleep-now-please!!!! sensation.

On the more positive side, I did like that many books were shown throughout the illustrations (including a little little alphabet book).

Dinner Conversation:

"It's sleepytime in Alphabet Town.  As moms and dads run round and round, the little letters skitter-scatter, helter skelter--what's the matter?"

"Uh-oh! a is wide awake."

"g has got the googly giggles."

"i and j jump on the bed."

To Go with the Meal:

As you can probably guess by the title, dear readers, this is a good alphabet book for bedtime or nap time.

As a young-one and teacher go through the book, a teacher could encourage the student to trace the letters.  When the book talks about taking a bath and other bedtime routines, the teacher could pause and check to make sure the young reader had done the same bedtime tasks.

Tasty Rating:  !!!

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