Friday, November 6, 2009

REVIEW: 1000 Times NO

Warburton, T.  (2009).  1000 Times No.  New York:  Laura Geringer Books.


PLOT SUMMARY:  It's time to leave, but young Noah doesn't want to go.  So, he says no in just about every way and language imaginable.

The illustrations are fun and central in making meaning about the story and determining which countries the various translations of "no" are spoken in.

A crossword puzzle and morse code are also used to show no, most youngsters will probably let those images go by.  But a teacher may need to be ready to explain them.

The end papers are fun, sharing "no" in almost 40 different languages, reinforcing a portion of the story.  The ending itself also includes a few humorous twists.


While chances are good, the intended audience for 1000 Times No are already VERY familiar with the word, a teacher or parent can at least hope this book will extend their synonyms for no, while possibly helping to make the child more aware of the international community.

While I didn't actually count all the noes, there's no way there are actually 1,000 of them in the narrative.  So students who are interested in counting these types of things, won't actually have to be able to count that high.


"All right, Noah, Dear.  It's time to leave."

"No.  No!  No... .on."

"Okay, stop being silly."
"No way, Jose."


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