Monday, October 5, 2009

World Teachers' Day

Today is a day to think about those teachers who helped you become who you are.

As a grad student who teaches undergrads, the greatest source of inspiration and activities for what to do in my classroom has been to reflect back on how teachers ran their classes when I was one of their students.

And it goes beyond activities.  When I stand up in front of my students, it's not just me standing there.  I find myself saying actual phrases some of my most inspiring teachers used to say to me.  I try to combine the best aspects of some of the best teachers I've ever met and follow their example.  And more than anything, I have to be thankful to have had such good examples of teaching be set for me.  I am luckier than most students.

Having teachers who expected me to achieve helped me to achieve.

So, teacher or not, think back on those teachers who influenced you.  And think about teachers beyond those who stood in front of a classroom.  We can all be teachers.  What can you teach?

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