Monday, October 19, 2009

Certified Resolution Writing Endeavor Review Report: Week Forty-Two

My life right now is dominated by one question.  One teeny-tiny, three-part, page-long general exam question that is due Wednesday.  hehehee.

So right now, all I do is edit my response (which has seeped out into a horrifying 40 pages) or avoid thinking about my response (I'm very good at this and I do it often).

I still haven't received any of those pesky overdue rejections (or acceptances) that I was expecting last week.  What's the deal editors and agents?  Usually you're so good about rejecting me.  Are you all out and about having fun without me?

I never know how to feel while waiting for responses about my manuscripts.  When I get an immediate reply, I get all excited when I see the email or envelope (which quickly falls to disappointment when I actually open said emails or envelopes) as thus far my quick responses have all been rejections.  But I feel thankful, because, it seems, the longer I wait to hear back, the more hopeful I get for no apparent reason.  What about you fellow authors, do you prefer to have a stranger walk up to you and rip the band aid off quickly or to keep staring at the pesky band aid, watching as dirt, dust and hair sticks to the edges, hoping there's something new and surprising under that stupid old band aid?

What's that?  A bad analogy that went on WAY too long?  Well, maybe that's why I'm still struggling to be published.  Deal with it.  I am.

Off to edit my general exam...hmmm, It's now 42 pages.  Huh.  Do you, do you think it's expanding when I'm not watching it?

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