Monday, September 21, 2009

REVIEW: A Nap in a Lap

Wilson, S. (2003). A Nap in a Lap. New York: Henry Holt and Company.


A little girl and her dog are shown in places all around the world viewing the different positions and places that different animals sleep in before she shares her own favorite nap location.

The illustrations a colorful and often vaguely humorous. They show baby animals smiling as they sleep in positions of safety with a parent. Also, since the girl character's coloring is darker with black hair, readers with similar complexions may be able to identify with her.

Beyond preparing a child for a nap, a parent or teacher could share this book while the young reader sits in his or her lap, and ask the child to label the different animals and colors shown.

This book is comparable to The BIG Sleep Book and to If Animals Kissed Good Night in terms of its content.


There are a lot of good vocabulary words in A Nap in a Lap for young children to hear. It can also help provide a sense of safety and contentment to resting in a loved one's lap. And as previously mentioned, this book can also be used to encourage children to say colors and animal names aloud.

Quotes of Notes:

"It's easy to nap
tucked in a flap
or wrapped in a coil"

"or snuzzled
and fuzzled
and kissed on the nose"

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