Monday, September 7, 2009

REVIEW: Bow-Wow Bugs a Bug

Newgarden, M., & Cash, M.M.  (2007).  Bow-Wow Bugs a Bug.  New York:  Harcourt, Inc.


Rating:  !!!

In this wordless picturebook, Bow-Wow chases a bug around the neighborhood.  As the story goes on, Bow-Wow's chase becomes more and more fantastic.
This is a good book to encourage young readers to work on developing visual literacy by having the wee little ones pay attention to the expressions on Bow-Wow and other characters' faces.
And on the off chance, a child becomes a fan of Bow-Wow, this is one book in a series of concept books.
Aside from using Bow-Wow Bugs a Bug to have children narrate and describe the pictures they're seeing, a teacher could use this book to discuss what a child should do when faced with a bug in the house or classroom.  Another teaching moment would be to discuss making friends with other children who share similar interests.

With slightly older students--say first or second grade--a teacher could show several of the pages in this book as an example how to play the mirror game (in which two students face each other and mirror each other's gestures and expressions).  I found those pages to be particularly cute.  

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