Saturday, September 26, 2009

Day One of the Best Week Ever AKA Banned Book Week

Today is the beginning of the best week all year for promoting books with young readers.

It's ALA's Banned Book Week. Check out your local library for books that have caused some controversy around the country. They always make for great subject matter and discussion in the classroom.

To find out about some of the books that have made the ALA's list, check back here all week. And to find out more about Banned Book Week, check the ALA site. They have events planned and ideas of how to use this week in the classroom.

Nothing tastes so good as forbidden fruit and nothing is as fun to read as a book you're denied.

I plan to wear banned book T-shirts into class the week, discuss censorship with my education students, and show them this brief, but powerful video.  I'll also show them video of YA poet, Ellen Hopkins, reading her poem, Manifesto:

You can find the words to the poem here as well.

Are you ready to cause some controversy in your classroom? All you need is one book.

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