Thursday, August 13, 2009

REVIEW: Welcome Precious

Grimes, N.  (2006).  Welcome Precious.  New York:  Orchard Books.


Nikki Grimes, an amazing author and poet, with the help of Bryan Collier, has transformed a simple poem that reinforces the idea that parents love their wee little ones into a picturebook.  This book emphasizes the experiential and nature as the baby is welcomed to a world where the child can squish sand between his or her toes, watch the "swish of leaves in the breeze," etc.  
The illustrations are a mix of water color and collage that show a colorful and beautiful country landscape.

Welcome Precious is one of the many books in a larger trend to portray black people positively in children's literature, with both parents present and portrayed as being middle class.

Activities to Do with the Book:

This is a good book to read aloud before bedtime or naptime to the youngest of readers.  With toddlers or slightly older readers, a teacher or parent could pause over some of the lines that call for the child to have certain experience, and could ask questions like"How does the wind in the leaves sound?  How does ice cream taste and feel?  Do you like the feel of sand between your toes?  How does it feel?"  etc.  

And with even older children, A teacher could also ask what other experiences the child has had or, if applicable, what experiences they would welcome their younger siblings to have.

Favorite Quotes:

"Welcome, Precious."

"Welcome to rain-swept earth and spiced cider on the wind."

"Welcome to sun-sparkle and moonlight.

"Welcome to the cool delight of ice cream, the sticky joy of peanut butter, and the hint of honey in chocolate fudge."

"Welcome to the warm circle of your daddy's arms."

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