Monday, July 20, 2009

REVIEW: My Toys Mis Juguetes

Emberley, R.  (2002).  My Toys  Mis Juguetes.  Boston:  Little, Brown and Company.


This dual language board book shows images of common toys and includes the name in both English and Spanish.  As far as concept books go, it will be more amusing to the wee little ones than most.  The majority of the toys are age appropriate and the illustrations colorful.

It is worth noting that on all of the pages, English is privileged over Spanish by appearing above the Spanish translation (although, the Spanish is in bold).

This is one book in a larger series of dual-language concept books.  Other topics are animals, clothes, colors, food, etc.

Activities to Do with the Book:

This is a good book to help students with labeling and to help children with second language acquisition--not only with the toy vocabulary, but also with colors, shapes and shapes.  

Also, for four or five-year-olds who feel bored, a teacher or parent could open to a random page to help children figure out an activity to do.

Favorite Quotes: 

los aros"

las pinturas"

el rompecabezas"

el patinete"

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