Monday, July 6, 2009

Introducing Lisa Mantchev and Eyes Like Stars

Lisa Mantchev's debut young adult novel, Eyes Like Stars, comes out tomorrow.

As we wait these mere 24 hours for the book's release, I thought I'd share a little about Mantchev and her latest endeavor as a young adult novelist.

A fantasy, Eyes Like Stars incorporates many references to famous plays and is set in a theatre, where no actors are needed since the characters live, breath and wander the stage.  This is a natural setting for Mantchev who has spent much of her life in theaters herself, beginning at the age of seven.  No doubt, the theater is a place of love and magic for her, and Eyes Like Stars can serve as proof.

Originally from California where she attended school, focusing on drama and writing, Mantchev has since moved to Washington (not to search for Edward Cullen, as many others have done, since she is married and has a daughter of her own). 

You can visit Ms. Mantchev's livejournal here.  Or her website here.  

To find out more about Eyes Like Stars and its author, follow the rest of the book tour:

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