Saturday, July 4, 2009

Breaking Newsies!!!!!!!!

Yesterday, a feud broke out among many young adult authors on Twitter.

To follow this growing chaotic conflict, search for #YAAuthorFeud as a hash tag.

It appears the conflict began either with @realjohngreen or @maureenjohnson.  Reports of attributing credit to the origin of the conflict seem to be dependent upon the attributer's allegiance within the expanding feud.  But it would seem one or both of these authors tweeted desire to have a literary feud with one of their own. 

YA authors such as @Neilhimself, @libbabray, @cassieclare  @barrygoldblatt, @OfficiallyAlly@barrylyga and many others have all jumped and or been dragged in to what is being described as a YA author "civil war" of confused insults, offers of support, threats of betrayal, and bribes of cookies.  Even @maureenjohnson's literary agent @daphneUn has become involved, and she is willing to sell her author's secrets for the right price. 

As with many conflicts, there are no clear lines of good and evil, or any clear lines at all, since this feud is fought mainly online and many of the participants don't seem to know whose side they're on since nobody seems willing to make a chart of all the participants and their conflicts.  
There have been a few reports of splinter groups such as "Suite Revenge" for @MaureenJohnson, "An Abundance of I Just Got My Ass Kicked" against @realjohngreen, team "Immortal Instruments of Torture" for @Cassieclare and "A Great and Terrible Can of Whoopass" for @libbabray.

While the conflict has calmed since last night because many of the participants became exhausted and/or it got to be after their bedtimes, we shall have to stay online to see how this feud progresses this morning.

My amusement and jollies go out to all those involved in the feud.  And I will offer my support to any young adult author who will send me a war-torn and autographed copy of one of their books.

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