Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Leaving Darkwood

Breen's Darkwood introduces readers to a new scary beastie, the kinderstalk.

The kinderstalk is described as "twice the size of a sheepdog, but rangier, with long legs and a compact body.  Rusty black fur grew shaggy around its neck and shoulders.  The head was large in proportion to the body, with a narrow muzzle and close-set gold-colored eyes" (p. 31).

The blurry image below is the only evidence that has been captured of this dangerous creature.

So, with these wild beasts roaming the dark wood, the question become, how do children stay safe?  So, I would like to present...

The Top Nine Ways to Avoid Being Eaten Slowly by Kinderstalk 

(because I couldn't think of ten ways)

1.  Don't be a child
2.  Don't go out at night
3.  Don't go in the forest
4.  Don't steal wood from the forest
5.  Don't get lost in the forest
6.  Don't have a drunken uncle named Jock
7.  Don't shoot a rifle into the woods
8.  Don't have relatives willing to sell you for cheap
9.  Avoid the friggin' forest

For more information, on Darkwood click here, or to find out more about M.E. Breen from other bloggers, check out the following links:


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  2. Loved the list of ways not to be eaten by kinderstalk!



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