Saturday, June 6, 2009

Certified Resolution Writing Endeavor Review Report: Week Twenty-Three

So the problem with switching back and forth among projects is that when you decide to go back to the first project--the one you haven't touched in at least a month--I find I have to reread it from the beginning to be certain of all the details I have included so far. 

The result?  A super-duper, shiny, polished beginning, a rough middle, no conclusion and one awesome ending paragraph.  But at least the first ten pages are so well polished that I can see myself in them.  Or as the case may be, I can't see myself in them at all.

Aside from grading and attending one last class, I'm done with spring quarter.  Which would be perfectly relaxing except for the fact that I have started to prepare for a week long intensive course that I'm taking in half of a month.  But nonetheless, I've still found a lot more time available to read books and write, which is all around awesome.

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