Wednesday, May 13, 2009

REVIEW: Little Monkey Says Good Night

Paula, A.W.  (2003).  Little Monkey Says Goodnight.  New York:  Farrar, Straus and Giroux.


Despite the sky being dark and the moon being high, Little Monkey manages to avoid going to bed a little longer by saying goodnight to...everybody at the the circus where he lives.  He does tricks to go from person to person and animal to animal, saying goodnight to them all and impressing the circus's audience.  

While this would be a good bedtime story, a parent would have to be careful when sharing it.  The illustrations remain light and active up until the last page.  This story may serve to rile-up some children instead of calm them down.

The illustrations incorporate a great amount of physical humor among the characters and do a good job of creating a circus atmosphere and showing the members of a circus troupe.  

Activities to do with the book:


 Yet another good bedtime story.  Of course, with some children who look for any possible reason to stay awake a few more minutes, Little Monkey's example may not be the best.

This is also a good story to share with young children going to the circus for the first time.  A parent, sibling or teacher can point out ringmasters, clowns, strongmen, elephants, jugglers etc.


Favorite Quotes:

"Come little Monkey," Papa Monkey says.  "The sky is dark.  The moon is high.  It's time for bed."


"But little Monkey Leaps


right into Mama's arms.

"Good night, Mama."


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