Tuesday, May 12, 2009

REVIEW: Jack of All Tails

Norman, K.  (2007).  Jack of All Tails.  New York:  Dutton Children's Books.


Jack of all Tails manages to capture the same sense of imagination as Norman's Crocodaddy, but for a slightly older audience.  Realizing that they're good with animals, Kristi and her family decide to start a business, pretending to be animals to help soon-to-be pet owners learn responsibility.  Kristi, eagerly researches various animals, but struggles to find the perfect animal job for her.

With fun illustrations and well-chosen adjectives, Jack of All Tails has a similar fun idea of that of Dog Day, (which I reviewed previously) readers may be entertained to watch human characters behave like animals.  This book can trigger discussion and students' stories about their own pets.

This was my favorite page of the book:

I think I feel this way because I've often caught my cats giving me a similar look.  I swear, I don't actually imitate them that often.

Activities to do with the book:


 This book lends itself to discussing the responsibilities that go with taking care of a pet.  Students could discuss their own pets and the trials of taking care of them and create illustrations to accompany their stories.  A teacher could also use this book to start a discussion on possible summer jobs for kids and how to advertise.

A teacher could also have students make lists of the various chores involved with caring for pets.  And, of course, a teacher or parent could always encourage students to pretend to be pets for a while.  


Favorite Quotes:


 "My family is a bunch of animals...for the right price.  We snuffle and snuggle and snort for a living."

"Mom played tug-of-war with an old sock.  Dad did tricks, like rolling over and begging."

"We can be people trainers--you know, teach them how to take care of their pets."


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