Thursday, April 30, 2009

This Is Discrimination...of Some Sort!

I was rejected from a publication that only accepts work from Ohio women.

For those of you who don't actually know me, I am a woman living in Ohio.

The rejection letter was addressed to "Michael."  

So, I've been judged as something I am not based on a name that is not mine.  Excellent.  I will have to call my mom and inform her that giving me the name 'Michele' after my father (who actually is a Michael) has prevented me from being published again and it's all her fault.  She'll love that.

I would send an awkward "Umm, I'm not a man" message back to the editor, but she also wrote that due to the economy, the magazine isn't certain when they'll have the finances to publish again.  Sad.  So, I guess we can all blame the bad economy too.  So, let's improve the economy for the artists of the world who are feeling the main, most in bigger and more painful ways than me.

In other news, I've passed 100 posts.  This would be exciting, but a lot of my blogging friends have recently posted their 3,000th post or something like that.  Granted, this blog is young.  But I still feel intimidated by the older blogs out there.  So, yeah-kinda!

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