Saturday, April 4, 2009

Certified Resolution Writing Endeavor Review Report: Week Fourteen

So, I'm back at school.  And that's proving to be work.  (Not too surprising there).  But it is fun, since I'm taking more literature classes than I've had a chance too previously.  One is an entire course devoted to South African literature.  You'll see that reflected in the book reviews.  (I'm a shameless double-dipper (unless there are germs involved).

What initially seemed like the start to a random story has turned into an extensive research project on a dark topic.  An oopsie, but a fun oopsie.

I'm planning to devote tomorrow night to creative writing.  I thought I'd also break open one of the bottles of wine given to me.  And by 'break open,' I mean uncork.  Say no to drinking sharks of glass.  While the goal will be to look like a chic writer-type-person, given my previous experiences with alcohol, I suspect it'll turn into a not so dramatic nap.  Such is my life.

Off to read about Apartheid, 2pac and graveyards.  A fun night.

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