Friday, March 20, 2009

This Is Too Good to Be Written by Me

I just found this poem on a document where I store my bad attempts at poetry.

It is totally awesome.  Like, I really love it.  

It's funny AND well written.

I have no memory of writing it.  None.  Maybe a vague flash of sitting at my computer in my old apartment, but that's it.

I can't image copying someone else's poem into a document titled "My Attempts at Poetry."  So apparently I wrote it.

Go me.

While I attempt to figure out where to submit the poem first (and a few duds along with it, since most magazines prefer to look at several poems at a time), I'm also going to google a few of the lines.  Gotta make sure the poem is all me.  Cause it seems to good.


  1. Are you going to share said poem? We'd like to read it!

  2. Eek! Not after I talked it up! :)



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