Sunday, March 29, 2009

Certified Resolution Writing Endeavor Review Report: Week Thirteen and a Second Self-Imposed Writing Retreat

Okay, so I made it in terms of the Resolution Writing Endeavor of 09.

My Self-Imposed Writing Retreat was a major FAILURE, however.  (That is, unless within the next five hours I do nothing but write...possible, but given my previous tendency to procrastinate, unlikely)  Plus I plan to watch a movie.

Don't get me wrong.  I worked on the certain story I'd been hoping to finish.  But most of my work involved revamping what I had already written.  If I were to consider the amount of work I'd intended to do on this story in terms of child-rearing, I basically yelled at Baby-Story, "Crud, Kid.  Potty-train yourself and then go out and get a job--a good one with benefits.  And bring Mommy a beer."  Not the best approach.

On the plus side, avoiding everything post-potty training in the writing world, served this blog well.  You will notice I finally added labels to the left.  Fancy.

I also became an Amazon Associate, so if you're ever tempted by any of the books I'm reviewing or would be interested in other children's books, you can shop my happy little ideal Amazon store, which has books and other media I've selected.  (When you go to check out, you'll be kicked up to the BIG Amazon store)  If you're interested, there's a link in my blog description (above left) and in the links to other sites (below left).  Plus, if you purchase through my little site.  It means I'll be able to fund buying more books in an enjoyable but vicious cycle.  So that was fun.

Also, I want to give you (my few but dear readers) the option of making review suggestions or book recommendations.  I tried finding an widget/link/application that would allow for this on blogger, but didn't have any look.  So, feel free to comment with your own recommendations at any time, on any post.


  1. I love the idea of your own 'Ideal Amazon Store'. I am sure stocking it has been fun, but time consuming.
    I hope I join that happy band of your readers.

    May I suggest you look at my new book for children under 8 years. (my first book).
    It features a Car on a merry-go-round and his carriage friends, who can talk to each other in a way no one else can hear.
    There are 10 short stories in a 116pp book, and every page is illustrated.
    If you like it I hope to find it in your personal Amazon store soon.

    Irene J Harvey
    William the Fairground Car

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