Sunday, March 15, 2009

Certified Resolution Writing Endeavor Review Report: Week Eleven and a Second Self-Imposed Writing Retreat

Has it been a week already?

How'd that happen.

I managed to meet the requirements of my resolution again.  I also managed to officially finish all of my work for the quarter as well (aside from waiting for a few more students to hand in their finals), meaning I can hopefully focus completely on my reading and creative writing for the break.

For the next two weeks, I've decided to do a Self-Imposed Writing Retreat:  Part II.  This time my goal is going to be to finish a certain young adult novel that I started right before I graduated from Chatham, almost two years ago.  Speaking metaphorically, this is akin to instead of slowly moving a three-story brick building over five feet by pushing brick by brick (and only managing to push about six or seven of said bricks so far), deciding to pick up the whole building and move it myself.  No forklifts.  No silly construction workers.  Just me and my kinda-defined-in-the-right-light arm muscles.   Perhaps I'm setting myself up to fail. Perhaps I'm crazy.  But perhaps I can achieve more than I think I'm capable of.  I'm hoping so...for the achieving, not for the being crazy.

And even if I don't make it, I'm at least hoping this writing retreat will involve watching fewer DVDs and more time in front of my computer than the last one did.

Let the Self-Imposed Writing Retreat:  Part II begin!





Ooh, I forgot!  My Netflix DVD arrived yesterday.  Better watch that.  

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