Saturday, March 7, 2009

Certified Resolution Writing Endeavor Review Report: Week Ten

I haf a cold.

My brain iz full.

I cannot focus.

Drugz no help.

I ded manage to meet mah goal.  *Ah-choo*  But that'z cause I noticed the marjin on won of my paperz waz at .7 inch instead of at won inch.  Gained me two pajes. *Ah-choo*

Paper one:  Compleee ruf drafff.  Kinda.  *Cough*  

Paper Two:  Compleee ruf drafff.

Paper Three:  Haf not started.  Fail.  Stupid cold.  *Cough.  Cough*

Am now submeeting to magazine publisherz abroad.  Mayhap they'll a-a-*ah-choo*-ppreciate me more.



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