Tuesday, January 20, 2009

REVIEW: M is for Mischief

Ashman, L. (2008). M is for Mischief: An A to Z of Naughty Children. New York:
Dutton Children’s Books.


As the title implies, this alphabet picturebook features 26 misbehaving baddies. The rhyming and playful nature of the poems lend a person (read: me) to imagine he or she is the narrator on the show Gossip Girl, reporting what bad deeds Chuck Bass has done this week.

While all of the poems feature alliteration of that page’s particular letter, not all of the poems include poetic justice. I personally found this less than ideal. “Let them have it,” I thinks.

The illustrations are fun and interesting—a mix of colorful sketches and photographs.

Activities to do with the book:

Students could come up with the own poems of children behaving badly. They could also turn the poems into skits and have a classmate narrate the poems.

Favorite Quotes:

“Abby's apt to argue anytime and anyplace.
She'll argue over apricots, an acorn, or an ace.
She'll argue with an astronaut, an artist, or a waiter.
A shame she had to argue with that awful alligator.”

“It's quirky how Quincy is so quick to fight.
He quarrels with all, convinced he is right.
He quibbles with teachers, then quacks, "How absurd!"
He quizzes his classmates, then mocks every word.

When warned of the quicksand, he questions the scout.
He might quarrel less...if he's ever pulled out.”

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