Monday, January 12, 2009

Certified Resolution Writing Endeavor Review Report: Week Two

I made it again!

(Wrote two picturebooks this week--of varying quality and even edited and submitted one of them to a publisher.  (I submitted the higher quality story, not the lower quality one (I feel the publishing world is working against me enough (I don't need to sabotage myself (although wouldn't that be fun (maybe not so fun)))))

However, pesky school work is already starting to make getting to writing and 'frivolous-fun-reading-that-I-personally-deem-necessary-for-life-and-writing-but-my-teachers-may-not-see-such-reading-in-the-same-enlightening-light' difficult.  

While I still hope for success next week, you may want to start thinking of some ridiculous and terrifying ways to punish me in case of failure.  Feel free to post your ridiculous and terrifying ideas at any time.  I look forward to feeling ridiculed and terrified by them.

Maybe that'll keep me motivated.

Time until the ALA Award Winners Are Announced: 14 Days AKA Two Weeks!!!!!

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