Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Resolution Writing Endeavor AKA My Blood Oath of Vow-iness and Doom

Typically, I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions. I tend to forget about my sacred vows by January 12th. Seriously, January 12…as far as I get. And that’s a log time for me.
But this year, in honor of starting this blog and hopefully continuing to write it, I’m going to try taking The Vow again. As any vow taker, I’m a little bit nervous about committing. Turns out that little educational program I started last year takes some time. Nonetheless, I shall be queen of reckless and oh-so-dangerous living by venturing forward with my blood oath of doom.

For 2009, my goals will be the following:

• Write seven pages of something (anything!) each week
• Make two submissions (to some publication or agent, any publication or agent!) each week
• Read one children’s book (to then be reviewed on this blog) each week

To keep me honest, I’ll be posting Certified Resolution Writing Endeavor Review Reports each week.

If I don’t meet with my resolutions on a given week, I will have to face a punishment suggested by YOU, my readers (what readers? If there are readers, feel free to post punishment suggestions whenever and keep in mind, I have veto rights).

So, if there is anyone (readers? Hello? You out there? Is there an echo in the internet?) willing to join me in making a writing resolution feel free. Also, if you have non-writerly resolutions, feel free to post them (Commenters? Hello?) in the comments section.

P.S. In terms of the blood oath vow of doom, it starts NOW!!!!!! My first two submissions and seven pages will have to be done by Monday morning or else....  


  1. If you meet your goal, I get to buy you a drink at Larry's.

    No, WAIT! :::sob:::

  2. Can we just use the punishments to make you come to Michigan? Good luck! Kyra



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