Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tasty Rating Explanation!!!!! !!!! !!! !! !

!!!!!      Seconds, please!!!!!  Thirds?  How about fourths?

!!!!        Delicious, nutritious and filling.  Plus, with a cherry on top.

!!!          A good tasty meal.  What you'd expect.

!!           Maybe I'll have a small portion.

!             Sustenance, but I think I'm hungry for something else.

Or in other terms...

!!!!!            I want to marry this book/character/author right now, my love is so great!  Give 
                   me seconds, thirds, or fourths, with a cherry on top!  

!!!!             I love this book but I don't know if I'm in love with this book!  I'd definitely 
                   consider having a cup of coffee after dinner with it.

!!!              Let's be friends. I'd braid this book's hair, while watching movies and munching on 

!!                I went on one awkward date with this book. The key word is awkward!  I ate 
                   quickly, so the date would end sooner.

!                 The dreaded ex!  Check, please.

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